Tunis Business School


Officially established on October 25, 2010 (decree n°2755 of October 25th 2010), Tunis Business School at the University of Tunis is the first public business institution in Tunisia using English as the language of instruction and following the American higher education model.  The mission of TBS covers:

  1. Education: TBS provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to build a          successful career and to become effective leaders and managers in a global environment.
  2. Research: TBS increases knowledge and disseminates new and effective management procedures.
  3. Outreach: TBS imparts knowledge and new management skills to the business community to maintain standards of excellence and to drive future strategies.


Tunis Business School is committed to the process of accreditation of diplomas in line with the standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

A New and Innovative Institution

Challenges facing business management are continuously changing. Tunis Business School is committed to developing innovative skills and resources to provide the knowledge needed by individuals, business actors, and institutions to succeed in the evolving international arena. The launching of this institution is in tune with government efforts to boost the Tunisian economy, to improve competitive standards, and to develop off-shore activities.
Tunis Business School is a new institution at the University of Tunis and offers a Bachelor‘s degree in Business Administration. The curriculum covers the following relevant disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, management of information systems, business engineering, risk management, entrepreneurship, and e-business.

Tunis Business School will offer a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and graduate degrees (Master and PhD).  In addition, the school is preparing a 5 year BS/MS engineering program in Management Science and Engineering.

Educating with International Standards to Act on the International Level

The programs of TBS are taught in English and make use of the most recent information technologies as well as e-learning. The institution will work in partnership with a network of universities, especially from the United States, in business management.
Following the example of most business schools, our teaching methods combine several approaches:
- Case studies to master know-how and to discuss alternative strategies
- Business simulation to provide the closest perception of a business environment
- Skills-based approach to develop analytical skills and to solve real problems .