Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University of Tunis

University of Tunis

Professional Master's Degrees

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

  • Applied psychology
    • Clinical medical psychology
    • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Business English
  • Geomatics and Urban Planning

Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences

  • E-Management
  • Audit and risk management
  • Entrepreneurship in E-economy
  • E-Trade
  • Higher School of Sciences and Techniques
  • Quality and productivity
  • Management of civil constructions
  • Engineering and management of industrial processes

Higher Institute of Management

  • International trade
  • Total quality management
  • Insurance and evaluation of risks
  • Banks and finance in collaboration with Professional Banking Association
  • Accountancy, control and audit
  • Training for certification of public accountant
  • Financial Engineering
  • Security of Information Systems
  • Integrated quality and environmental safety
  • Higher Institute of Patrimony Crafts
  • Tourist Promotion and heritage Management 
  • Heritage applied to Handicraft

Higher Institute of Music

  • Management and marketing of Arts’ show (in cooperation with the Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts)
  • Computer Aided Composition and Arrangement
  • Music interpretation :
    • Interpretation of Arabic music
    • Interpretation of western music

Higher Institute for Youth-Club Activities and Culture

  • Animation

Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts

  • Technical Management of Live Entertainment
  • Higher Institute of Fine Arts
  • Digital Photography
  • Art of Animation and Multimedia

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